Client Case

Client Case NTM


NTM, one of Sweden's largest groups for local news media, with over 20 newspaper in the company and are based in Norrköping. NTM has its roots in the 18th century and is always trying to adapt and change with the modern ways of working and this goes for the R&D department as well. Being at the start of their digital journey, they are working on creating a news platform that creates even more value for each and every city where NTM is active. The new way of working, with more focus on conversions for the website, innovation, and more strategic insights, sets new demands on the organisation.

To be able to meet the needs of the new way of working, NTM decided to work with an IT Consultancy firm for the first time. Historically, NTM has not been using consultants for the R&D department.

The Consultant delivery

NTM was clear that they wanted a supplier that was able to answer to their needs both from a soft skill and hard skills perspective, and for them, the people is always more important than the supplier itself. It was also clear that our consultants would be challenged by people from other firms if they didn’t meet the expectations.

The first consultant from Crowd Collective came in as a Fullstack Developer. The first consultant from Crowd Collective came in as a Fullstack Developer. He truly showed the value that consultants can bring by having a short introduction time before he could create value **by enhancing the reader's experience with the news sites and improving the systems responsible for delivering the most relevant news content to the news sites. By hitting the ground running, he also paved the way for more consultants from Crowd Collective to join NTM. Since there was a lack of resources, NTM decided to take in more consultants to their teams. With 5 individuals working in different teams, we are now a part of the digitalization journey at NTM.

We can truly see the value in the consultants that Crowd Collective has presented to us, and it’s nice to know that we have a partner where the consultants have a high quality. - Nicholas Gullberg, Head of Development

Strategical support

One of our consultants came in as a Product Owner and is now a part of the management team. The idea for this position is to drive the change for how POs and Scrum Masters are working and how they could modernize the work at the R&D department. This type of change will influence the work of the entire department, on their journey to become more agile and implement new ways of working. His responsibility has been to solve problems and unravel the way of working, which has led to creating bridges between business and IT.

It’s really exciting to be part of the agile transformation journey at NTM. Not only do we get to influence how they work, but to also get the opportunity to be a trusted advisor to our clients. It is a challenging and inspiring role! - Magnus, Crowd Collective Consultant

In the management team, the talk now has shifted to how they could find other areas for our consultants to work with since they are satisfied with the delivery. Consultants are no longer just a temporary solution, they are part of the digitalization journey. Currently, the discussion is ongoing on the future needs and what needs to be accomplished.

Quotes from client

NTM has historically been great at recruiting junior colleagues, but when all are trained and coached by the same individuals, you miss out on the diversity - both in the team setup and the solutions created by the team. I like to bring in people with different backgrounds and ways of thinking who can challenge the way we are working. From my perspective, the Crowd Collective consultants have contributed to that.

Many people might be hesitant to use consultants since the onboarding might take time. This is why, consultants need to be able to hit the ground running to show that they can create value quickly. I want to surround myself with people who are the best at what they do, which I get to do with the consultants from Crowd Collective. - Nicholas Gullberg, Head of Development