Leading tech,

We at Crowd Collective are developers, designers, analysts, leaders and more. Our full potential is unleashed in demanding projects where our tech competence and soft skills can be combined.

Are you looking for an experienced IT consulting partner to build great tech with? And perhaps also help coach talent within your company?

Reach out- we got you.

What we do

Lead tech

Our crowds are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, designers, project leads, data scientists and more. We're all equipped with up-to-date skills and a passion for people. Our crowds support each other cross projects. We work collaboratively to build the tech and capabilities our clients need.

Develop people

At Crowd Collective we make people grow. Teamwork, communication and emotional intelligence are traits that we value just as high as tech competence. A coaching mindset is in our DNA and with us in everything we do. We develop the people around us, so that our consultants and clients can take on bigger challenges. Learn how >>

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Coach new talent

Is your company struggling with growing and engaging tech talent? Let us help you coach your in-house team, turning junior talent into engaged and skilled employees. Our consultants have a structured approach to coaching that includes skills planning, collaborative programming, development discussions, code reviews and on-the-job training. We are here to do our part in closing the IT skills gap.

Make new connections

As part of Akind, our network extends beyond our crowds. We can help your company recruit junior talent, learn about upskilling possibilities, and find specialists outside our crowds.

Some of our

Ready to build great tech?

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