Client Case

Ribbn - A sustainable future with the power of data and AI

Ribbn is leading the way for a new generation of retailers. It’s the first AI-powered e-commerce platform crafted to revolutionize resale. Based both in Stockholm and New Mexico, the growing team of around 10+ highly talented professionals are currently building the all-in-one platform for circular commerce.


Ribbn’s core and leadership team prepared their first official product launch and being a data-driven company, they soon realized that they didn’t have the required resources to integrate smart and useful data and AI solutions into their existing and growing platform.

Ribbn had an excellent SaaS platform in place with many additional features planned and also worked on. As the main work focus the past months lied on finalizing the main product and the backend system, only a little effort was paid to the data infrastructure. Ribbn quickly realized that this was an area which needed more attention, as their AI and ML features would highly contribute to their USP. Having the right data and data platforms in place to realize and build such features is crucial. Unfortunately, at that point the Ribbn team didn’t include a dedicated data professional, which is why they chose to collaborate with Crowd Collective.

They needed an experienced “data person” who could not only help them in their data-related development and implementations, but also grow into an oversight and planning role at the same time, understanding the company’s different needs and communicating decisions among multiple stakeholders. To Ribbn, finding a person with a combination of technical and management skills was necessary.

Strategic data work

Putting the short and long term goals of Ribbn as the center focus, together we drafted and built the strategic data roadmap for their upcoming platform's soft launch and beyond. This helped the client to set priorities accordingly while not missing out of required work within the data area.

Cloud based AI workflows

Helping the client in growing Google Cloud Platform (GCP) knowledge was a primary goal along the whole journey. By optimizing and building smart workflows and using high quality in-house data, we helped Ribbn to start on top of the game within the area of AI and ML.

Customer focus

Helping a fast-paced and growing organization requires high flexibility and quick requirement adaption. Due to the advantage of being integrated into the core and product team early on, this was not a hurdle for Crowd Collective.

The outcomes for Ribbn

Enhanced image recognition performance for customers' clothes. This feature will help future customers save time when uploading new products for sale as properties like brand, size, and product type will be detected automatically.

A company wide data and AI understanding and working interfaces between different teams with the common goal of really bringing AI and it’s capabilities into every corner of the company and product.

Access to the group data knowledge as well as additional ad-hoc support from other crowds. This helped Ribbn to utilize the power of Crowd Collective nicely while not investing in external support.

An improved company-wide dashboard and work on the analytical premium offerings for upcoming clients allowing them to visually see in detail how their own stores perform. Making those plots and graphs as cost-efficient as possible - while not loosing performance - was crucial.

Crowd Collectives contributions

  • Data strategy map (short and longer term)

  • Image recognition machine learning models

  • Image labelling tools

  • Cloud-based data pipelines (in combination with SQL work)

  • Analytic insights and dashboards

  • Public product and user documentation

Some words from our client

The Crowd Collective consultant is an A-player all around and has been an invaluable contributor to our AI and data product strategy and development team. He possesses that rare combination of technical ability, rigorous product comprehension, an outstanding attitude, and stellar people skills. In just a matter of weeks, he significantly influenced the direction of our product strategy, working in close collaboration with our other key stakeholders. He played a crucial role in developing important cost optimizations with Big Query and enhancing our image training procedure by building a custom app using Python.

Going beyond the usual scope of data science, he also actively contributed to writing and editing product documentation, and was instrumental in consistently testing and providing feedback on our apps. His efforts alongside our head of design and engineering team have been pivotal in guiding us towards the smartest ways to incorporate generative AI and traditional machine learning features into our suite of products.

Joshua Beach - Co-founder & CTO

Crowd Collective have been easy to work with, very professional and brought competent and talented consultants to our team. We are very satisfied with our project together and would highly recommend to work with them.

Vendela Ragnarsson - Co-founder & CEO