FAQ about growing in-house IT talent together with Crowd Collective

On this page we have gathered the most common questions that we receive from clients eager to partner up with us and growing their in-house IT talent.

Can I hire juniors by myself?

Yes. We are flexible in how the juniors are employed. You can hire junior IT consultants through our sister company Academic Work, or if you wish to hire them on your own, you are free to do so. Our senior consultants are eager to coach them either way.

When can I recruit the junior consultant(s) to officially become in-house employees?

If the junior is employed as a consultant through our sister company Academic Work, the recruitment is free after one year.

How many juniors can one senior coach?

Our experience shows that 1-4 juniors per senior is optimal to ensure quality coaching and support.

Are the junior's part of an existing team or will they create a new team?

This can be done either way. We will give you recommendations which way is most suitable for your company.

What kind of tasks can juniors consultants do?

Tasks like testing and documentation are a good starting point to gain quick wins in the beginning. Juniors need consistent support in the beginning but in our experience, they can handle more challenging tasks than what is usually expected. It takes a skilful coach to push the juniors into more advanced tasks and make then grow.

How is the time split between coaching and coding for the senior consultant?

In the beginning, onboarding and coaching will require more time. As the juniors are coached towards finding solutions on their own and tackling challenges more independently, the senior consultant will spend most of their time on hands-on coding.

How long does it take for the juniors to become independent?

This varies a lot. Some are up to speed after just a few months and sometimes it takes up to a year. In our experience, six months is a good rule of thumb.

Does this approach only work for big companies?

No. We have success stories from small startups to larger global companies. Read more about our collaboration with Elkjøp Nordic & Posti.

Can we recruit the Crowd Collective seniors to be our own employees?

No. The senior consultants are there to get the juniors up to speed and make sure that they are equipped with the needed skillset and mindset to handle the tasks independently going forward.

How do we make sure the juniors stay?

Just like with any employee, there is a risk of exit. We take responsibility of high quality mentorship and doing a great handover when our senior consultants exit. We can also help defining a suitable salary level and development plan for the juniors going forward to strengthen their engagement.

Do you have other questions or are you eager to hear more about how we could support your company? Reach out and let's talk!