Grow in-house tech talent

Get a team of developers, recruit some of them

Tired of chasing developers and depending on consultancies? Eager to grow your own in-house development team and elevate your company's competitive advantage long-term?

Let’s tackle this challenge together.

We combine senior tech consultants with junior ones, giving you the opportunity to later recruit the fully onboarded and engaged junior developers as long-term employees.

No vendor traps. Instead, high quality talent coaching and an impressive track record of building in-house tech competence.

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We bring the skills

Since 2017, our founding year, we have focused on building excellence in tech and developing the people around us. We do not strive to make ourselves irreplaceable, but to provide companies with the talent and tools that will take their IT department further independently.

and the culture to grow new talent

It takes more than finding and recruiting new talent to grow an in-house development team. Thorough onboarding, hands-on coaching, daily meetings, code reviews, setting personal development plans and following up on them are some of the key factors when growing and engaging new tech talent.

We at Crowd Collective are experts in that.

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Hard skills are a must,

Our consultants are equipped with high technical competence ensuring that your company's digital solutions are in line with today's requirements and applicable for further development.

but soft skills set us apart

Emotional intelligence, communicational skills, coaching and adaptability are some of the soft skills that our consultants also possess. By combining hard tech competence with soft skills, our consultants are the best professionals to help your company grow in-house talent with long-term results.

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Step by step – how we work

Four concrete steps to grow your company's in-house tech competence.

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Frequently asked questions

How many juniors can one senior consultant coach? How long does it take to get the junior consultants up to speed?

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