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What our crowds are about

For us a crowd is a group of individuals with a common passion and a desire to support each other for collective growth. Our crowds are organized according to competence domains. We have crowds for frontend, backend, embedded, data, IT management and design.

Crowds are our way of making sure everyone has a sense of belonging and a tight team around them where we all can be seen, heard and cared for. We support each other with our different experiences, inspire new insights with our passion and satisfy our curiosity by exploring new tech together.

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Personal & professional growth.

Our crowds are a diverse group of highly skilled developers, designers, project leads, data scientists and more. We’re all equipped with up-to-date skills and a passion for people. Our crowds support each other cross projects. We work collaboratively to build the tech and capabilities our clients need.

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"Since starting at Crowd Collective, I have become more skilled at weighing different alternatives against each other, which means that I can give better advice as a consultant. In turn, this has increased my confidence in myself.”



Life @ Crowd Collective

We are inclusive in our decision making and we try to get everyone in the company involved in shaping our mutual journey. With us you get the time to participate in the development of our business, organization and culture according to your own interests and skills.

Life outside of work is another priority for us and we make sure that all of us have time for our families, friends, passions and a good night's sleep. An overall life balance is something we support with our culture, working habits and our benefits.

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“One thing that I really appreciate is that the people of Crowd Collective are so welcoming! It’s a very inclusive company, and everyone who wants to join is always invited."



Projects & day-to-day tasks

We prefer teamwork over hustling solo. Our aim is to join projects where multiple Crowd Collective colleagues work together.

We believe in a very tight and transparent, constant dialogue between sales and consultants to match them with projects where they feel excitement and see potential for personal growth.

Since coaching & mentorship is such a big part of how we make each other grow, we love taking on projects where coaching others is an essential part of the scope. Creating team engagement, forming new high performing teams and helping junior talents grow is when we thrive.

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"I'm not into doing familiar tech day in, day out. Personal development, trying out new things and keeping up with modern technologies are my drivers. Here I get to experience them all."


Advanced analytics, data

We call it soft skills

We are very proud of the culture we have created, and we don't shy away from the fact that we are picky in our recruitment. A great Crowd Collective consultant cannot solely rely on technical competence. In our experience, soft skills like emotional intelligence, teamwork and communication play an equally important part when building modern tech.

To be a part of Crowd Collective, you do not need to be a full-fledged mentor, leader or coach. But an interest in people, sharing your knowledge and making those around you grow is essential.

In our experience we can go further when we go together.

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“I chose Crowd Collective because of its unique concept compared to other consulting firms. I’ve always been into helping younger developers. It’s great to see their skills and confidence grow.”




Our benefits package is created by a group of our employees to make sure that we spend our money wisely. Benefits might change over time, but always with our employees' best interest at heart.

Fixed salary

In our opinion, this is a big step towards a sustainable life-balance in general. When you don’t need to worry about your paycheck every month, you will be able to think long-term and focus on what is truly important.

Flexible first

Enjoying time at the office or do you work best from home? We have adapted the concept “flexible first” and are taking everyone's personal situation in consideration when looking for new assignments. Together with Crowd Collective, the client and you, we are sure we’ll find a solution that works great for you!


Everyone at Crowd Collective is offered the opportunity to become a shareholder. Besides great financial potential (we are going places) this means that you can influence where the company is heading and be a part of building the best place to work.

Pension and health insurance

We want you to stay healthy during your entire work life, and when it’s time for retirement, you can trust that we have done our share in setting money aside. Staying healthy for us means both mentally and physically. We have health insurance that covers you during both working hours and your spare time. Ask for our pension policy or health insurance policy to learn more.

Unlimited amount of joint activities

E-sports, boardgames, concerts, running, paintball, badminton, camping, after works... Name an activity and you will get company for sure.

Learning days

Besides the meet-ups facilitated in each crowd, we have 4 full days of training each year. These days are filled with high level of guest speakers and experts, sometimes internal and sometimes external. Topics for each day is planned through each crowd, so you get the chance to affect your own learning.

Parental salary

Stay home with your new family member and feel confident that we will top up your salary up to 90% when you are getting to know the new person in your life. To get to know more about our Parental salary, just ask us!


We value relationships. Everyone at Crowd Collective have a mentor relevant to their personal growth. This is someone who is engaged to support you in your challenges and personal development.

Review two times each year

Every 6th month we look back on our personal growth and adjust both salary and career steps, so it suits the competence you have gained since last time. You can feel confident that you will grow at a rapid pace both when it comes to salary and career.

Pick your own device

Do you like Mac or PC? Samsung or Iphone? We know that being able to choose your own devices is important, so of course you can choose what suits you!

Christmas tree

Christmas might be a stressful time, so we deliver a Christmas tree to your doorstep during December every year. Our most unique and one of our most appreciated benefits! Do you wish to celebrate another holiday? Let us know and we will make sure to make it festive!

And of course we have

  • Six weeks paid vacation

  • 5000 sek wellness contribution

  • An extra day off after three years

  • Annual bike service at the office