Who we are

Our crowds develop collectively

At Crowd Collective we are leading technology together. As our name implies, we are made up of many crowds: frontend, backend, fullstack, design, data and IT management.

Our crowds consist of diverse people with diverse skillsets, but with a shared understanding that it takes soft skills to make tech work. We want to build great tech and make people around us grow.

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We specialize in developing great teams, so our clients have all the skills they need to build the best digital solutions. As our client you will get experienced tech consultants who get up to speed quickly, are pleasant to work with and support the people around them.

We work across the Nordics in solving our client's tech problems. We have supported companies from start-ups to leading international brands in their digital journeys. How might we help you?

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Get to know our crowds

Frontend crowd

The place where it all comes together. Our frontend crowd are specialists at bringing UX/UI, content, data and backend tech to life. Experienced in all aspects of web development, this crowd knows how to optimize ways of working to deliver great experiences in this ever-changing landscape.

Backend crowd

We speak your language. A multi-skilled team that can work across programming languages and frameworks, cloud platforms, algorithms and AI.

Design crowd

How do you want your user experience to feel? Our design crowd are experts at understanding user needs and designing innovative experiences. Agile collaborators who can do it all from interviews to workshops, UX to UI, and from detailed design to testing.

Data crowd

What gets measured gets managed. We are the team that uses data to uncover new insights, answer questions and achieve business goals. Our data crowd brings the intelligence and engineering needed to master the tools and platforms that drive modern business.

IT management crowd

The crowd that manages people, products and projects. This crowd directs the whole journey, keeping everyone aligned, on target and in scope. They are leaders in shaping ways of working, fluent in business needs and the tech methodologies required to achieve them.

Embedded crowd

The enablers of future technology. The embedded crowd is a passionate group of developers dedicated to building products that empower our digital society by bringing silicon to life.

Fullstack crowd

The Swiss army knife of developers. What we all have in common is our passion for code and a strong desire to solve problems. We want to build software that is easy to develop further and offers long-term value for our clients.

One of Akind

We are proud to be one of Akind, a collective of companies that make people grow. Akind works with thousands of companies, with offices in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. Other Akind brands include:

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