Consultant Portrait

The talk of the town in Linköping, where culture and community triumphs money

Andreas, one of the first consultants to join Crowd Collective Linköping, is confident that money can’t buy you happiness. Here is why, and how his work today is filled with joy. We stole a few minutes of his time on a sunny Wednesday and were filled with energy for the rest of the day.

Becoming a leader in his field

Andreas, or Andy as we like to call him, has been a developer for 15 years, a consultant for 7, and a member of Crowd Collective since the beginning of 2022. The last couple of years, he has been focusing on roles as an Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Team Lead. Coding is still a part of his work, but his interest in work processes and agile thinking has grown.

“I think I have been taking on these roles since I’ve always had the ambition to improve the way we work in projects. If I see possible improvements, why shouldn’t I raise my voice and see if this can make it easier for both me and my colleagues?”

The willingness and drive to coach others has grown since Andy started working as a consultant and has really grown exponentially for him the last 4 years. That is one reason why Crowd Collective feels like the right place for him. But not the only one.

It’s all about the people

Since Andy has been a consultant for many years, it had to be something special on the table for him to join a new company. He had different offers and discussions open but didn’t really feel that it was enough. And then he met Linda, MD and founder of Crowd Collective Linköping.

“We just clicked during our first meeting. There is something special about her. Her energy, her kindness and her high engagement and passion for this company. This topped all the other offers I got. Money can’t buy you the feeling of community and sense of belonging.”

After a couple of meetings, Andy was sold on the idea about Crowd Collective Linköping and the workplace that he would be a part of creating.

“It’s been a complete joy to be a part of starting up Crowd Collective in Linköping. The energy from Linda spreads to the rest of us, and it is easy to share that feeling with our clients and colleagues. It generates warmth and honesty, something I have never felt so strongly before.”

Creating a community from the start

It’s been important for Andy to create the same experience for his new colleagues as he had, and a big part of that is getting together. For Andy, this means both physically but also to be involved in decision making processes.

“When we create psychological trust, everybody is comfortable with raising their voice.”

At the Linköping office, there are a lot of different interests. Someone loves CrossFit, another one has a passion for baking and a third one (Andy) is a photographer. They are generous in sharing their skills and invite everyone to join.

“It does not matter if you have been working for five months or signed your contract yesterday, everyone is always welcome! On Tuesdays we train CrossFit together with Linda and we share the pain from working out on Wednesdays!”

The future looks bright

The Linköping office will continue to grow, and Andy wants all his future colleagues to feel the same community as he does today. From his point of view, this will happen if Crowd Collective continues to focus on soft skills and tech skills combined and continue to be picky when it comes to recruiting new colleagues.

“Our goal is not to grow to 100 consultants in two years. We will grow slowly and focus on the combination of soft skills and tech skills. We are still a pretty small company in Linköping, but looking ahead, I think that we will be the talk of the town. For those who wants to combine their soft skills with technical skills, this will be the place to be.”

Want to share the same feeling as Andy? Reach out to us!