Bye Digitalent, hello Crowd Collective!

From this day forward our amazing company formerly known as Digitalent will carry the name Crowd Collective! We are excited to finally show what we have been collectively working on for months and share the story behind this renewal.

We asked our Managing Directors of Sweden and Finland, Jonatan Lidström & Jukka Pulkkinen, a few hot questions about our new Crowd Collective brand.

Why the need to change the Digitalent brand?

We want to lean forward and consistently challenge our choices and our way of viewing ourselves. Gradually it became clear that Digitalent as a brand no longer portrayed us the way we see ourselves. We wanted our name and visual identity to reflect who we are and what we do in a better way.

What’s the story behind the name Crowd Collective?

We have been organized into different crowds according to our competences for many years. Currently we have crowds for backend, frontend, design, IT management, data and embedded.

Crowds are our way to make sure all of us have a sense of belonging and a tight team around us where we are seen, heard and supported to greatness. We are already a collective of fantastic crowds and we really believe in the power of our way of organizing.

Will the business model of Crowd Collective differ from Digitalent?

We are not planning on changing our DNA – just our costume. We have built a company that our clients keep coming back to year after year, project after project, and we do not want to change that.

Ever since 2017 when Digitalent was originally founded, we have strived to become the best place to work for IT professionals. What makes us stand out is our passion for people. We don’t only look at high technical competence, we want to grow our crowds with IT talent who possess soft skills too.

With this skill combo we can build great tech for our clients and also help them grow new IT talent for the future by coaching and mentoring their in-house employees.

Who are the creative minds behind Crowd Collective brand?

The entire process from our first brainstorming sessions to launching has been 100% a team effort by Crowd Collective & AW Group colleagues. We are extremely proud of the new brand our UX designers, developers, graphic designers, video producers, brand strategists, production managers, brand managers and others have built together. Beyond impressive teamwork!