CC Malmö's first six months

We sat down and had a chat with our founder in Malmö, Cristofer Fridh, to hear about the first 6 months at Crowd Collective. As you can imagine, we had a lot to talk about!

Getting the word out

The Malmö office opened their doors with a bang. We were determined to ensure that the news of Crowd Collective's arrival in Malmö reached every corner of the city. Our marketing efforts were twofold - internally within AKIND, the group we belong to, and externally to establish our presence in the wider Malmö region.

“Of all the things we have done so far, the most surreal moments was to see myself on a poster at the bus stop. That was the moment when I felt like “this is really happening!” Remarkably, people still say that they recognize me from the posters, so I guess it made quite an impression!”

Finding the right people

“From the start, I knew that this would not be a solo act. I needed to find the right partners in crime, and not just with the right skill set but people with the right soft skills and personalities as well.”

After six months, the team now consists of six people - Emelie, Patrik, Mattias, Arnold, Fredrik and Cristofer.

“For us this has been an ideal growth pace. While we could have expanded more rapidly, our determination to never settle for less than great people has proven to be the right way for us to go. We are in this for the long run.”

For the rest of 2023, the Malmö office is aiming to find five new great colleagues.

Finding the business

“When looking at the business, it’s all about finding the right match for our consultants and clients. We have a lot to offer when it comes to talent projects och tech projects - two areas that has faced challenges since the recession started. However, the tides are turning and we are happy to have started a project at the biggest furnishing company there is.”

Building great relationships is important, both internally and externally. These relationships will become even more crucial when the rest of the team starts and for the rest of 2023 (and hey, for ever).

Looking back

When reflecting on the last months, Cristofer laughs.

“You know, they say you learn a lot when things don’t go as planned. And frankly, I am a bit tiered of learning new things this way. I am looking forward to a bit more smooth sailing. However, I am grateful for the learnings. I know for a fact that if you prioritize relationships, the rest will fall into place.”