Crowd Collective x Visual Sweden

Crowd Collective is proudly a part of Visual Sweden - an organization that gather companies in Sweden who are working with visualization and image analysis.

Jesper Lund, one of our brilliant consultants in Linköping, has ambitious plans for the future and what kind of co-operation we might be able to have in the future. For him, visualization is the perfect combination of creativity and tech.

“I have always been creative, but on the other hand also very focused on technical challenges. When I started studying in Norrköping, computer graphics immediately caught my attention and I realized that this would be the perfect combination of tech and creativity for me”

After university, Jesper started to work as a consultant, but didn’t really get the projects he was aiming for. He joined Crowd Collective and after just a short period of time he popped the idea of creating a Visualization Crowd. We are always encouraging ideas that will help us grow and develop as a company, so it is safe to say that Linköpings Managing Director Carl Johansson loved the idea.

With Jesper as a driving force, they started to develop the foundation for what we hope will become our visualization crowd. Both Jesper and Carl strongly believe that visualization is a growing area of expertise, which will continue to expand to different fields.

Right now, Jesper is working at Smart Eye where he develops a simulator in Unity, which produces so called synthetic data by simulating a driver monitoring camera system in a car as realistically as possible.

“In this assignment I really get the opportunity to dig deeper into both my technical and creative skills. Also, in the car industry the process of collecting data is costly and time consuming, so to help a company be cost efficient and at the same time make the roads safer for everyone out there brings value to both my skills and my heart.”

The future for Crowd Collective and our visualization crowd looks bright, and we are looking for more people to join us, to start working as a crowd for real! If you have an analytical mindset, a technical foundation, a creative mind and an eye for details - this might be the crowd for you.

We currently have 3 colleagues working with this in Linköping, so if this journey sounds interesting, just reach out - we got you.