Consultant Portrait

Do more of what makes you happy

Mixing internal engagement and working 8 hours as a consultant might sound like hustling, but for Jonas Barrskog it’s quite the opposite. Having engagement spread out over different activities and responsibilities is a source of energy and happiness for him.

“Ever since I was a child, I have loved having lots of things to do. This personality trait has stayed with me throughout my life and at Crowd Collective Linköping. I enjoy diving in to it and see where different tasks takes me.”

Life at the Linköping office has been exciting since the start. The first day that Jonas joined, the office left for a conference to meet the entire Swedish organisation. It was a crash course in getting to know everyone, which suited Jonas perfectly.

The weekend passed and Jonas started working at a client, which is now with his help, one of the largest client for Crowd Collective Linköping.

Right away, Jonas started to think about how he could help out in more ways than “just” putting in his 8 hours. That’s also one of the reasons why he joined Crowd Collective, because he wanted to be part of something and share his ideas and thoughts.

“It has always been easy to talk to Carl about ideas, big or small. The way he listens and encourages me to pursue them gives me energy. The fact that I am able to influence the direction of the company also gives me energy. It's a great feeling to be working in this kind of environment.”

But let’s face it, every day only consists of 24 hours. And even if you want to be a part of everything exciting that comes with starting a new company you also need to consider your work life balance.

Jonas has previously been at workplaces where he clearly noticed that it took a toll on his personal life. Now, he thinks about it a bit differently.

"I think it boils down to feeling passionate about something and that it gives more energy than it takes. At Crowd Collective, there is a smörgåsbord with different areas to engage in, so you are free to choose what gets your ticker going. For me, it’s happiness. Whether it's being happy with an assignment or having a fun activity with your colleagues, when you see that your colleagues appreciate it and it makes their day better, it makes me happy.”