Career Story

Leading her own and others' development

High engagement, personal growth and enjoying your work at the same time? Yes, it is possible! A junior Frontend Developer looking for the place to grow now celebrates 3,5 years with Crowd Collective. This is a story of Lina who has grown into a leader, a senior developer and a much-valued culture carrier.

Lina Jonsson has grown into a “jack of all trades -consultant”

She started as a Frontend Developer and has been able to adapt her career at Crowd Collective according to her interests. When she explains her role, you can tell that it is versatile.

Right now, my focus is frontend development at our client Elkjøp. Besides that, I also work as a Team Lead and Platform Owner, working closely with our client to see how we can engage our teams, ensure that our leadership quality is high and that our team members are developing in the way they want to.

For Lina, the client and the teams are equally important.

My goal is to create efficient teams and have close collaboration with our more junior developers to ensure their personal growth. I am confident that this will contribute to a deepened relationship with our client Elkjøp.

Hands-on coaching and developing teams are areas that Lina enjoys. She prefers team work over hustling solo. This gives both her and our client the opportunity to grow with more junior colleagues and is a way for the client company to scale up quickly.

We have great collaboration together with Elkjøp and we are currently starting up a new team – the fifth team we have been involved in since our start in 2019! For us, culture is key, and we want to spread the Crowd Collective vibe to all the teams we are working with.

Lina’s ability to grow into a more senior role has left the rest of us in awe.

Lina has also been focusing on her own growth since starting at Crowd Collective. According to her, the mentorship she has received from both her colleagues and our People Partner has had a big impact.

I joined Crowd Collective because I needed a new challenge. I wanted to work in a smaller company where I can get to know everyone, and my opinion is heard and respected. And of course, I wanted to focus on my career. I started as a Frontend Developer – and now I also get to use my soft skills and help other people grow. In our peer-to-peer context, I get so much inspiration from other colleagues.

Lina has been with Crowd Collective since 2018. Our culture has played a big part in why she’s still here.

One thing that I really appreciate is that my colleagues are so welcoming! Crowd Collective is a very inclusive company. We do so much together, and everyone who wants to join is always invited. You are not just offered a seat on the bus; you are welcome to take the wheel and steer us into the future.