Client Case

The combination of soft and tech skills gave the client more than expected

In August 2022, Mirva entered YIT as a Customer Analytics Product Owner. YIT is a development and construction company with over 110 years of experience in creating functional homes, future-proof public and commercial buildings, and infrastructure.

What started off as an assignment only focusing on the process and technical aspects became something more during the months Mirva was there.

New ways of working - Making sense and building analytics end-to-end process.

Mirva entered the YIT project as the Customer Analytics Product Owner within Customer Solutions. There was a need for business side end-to-end understanding and ownership for customer area data. End-to-end ownership involves taking full responsibility for the entire lifecycle of an analytics product, from ideation to development to deployment and maintenance. One part of the project was to make sense how end-to-end ownership of data would look like. Especially understanding about marketing related analytics end-to-end pipeline was something which needed clarification.

“One of the challenges we faced was that marketing data pipelines were not part of the centralized data architecture, which made it difficult to store marketing data and clarify roles and responsibilities.” - Sari Enckell-Jylhä, Service Area Lead at YIT.

One role which was a missing piece was a data analyst specializing into customer domain. This would enable YIT to integrate the marketing data pipeline into their centralized data architecture. With a greater project scoop then earlier, YIT and Mirva discussed the possibility to train in-house talents with customer and marketing domain specific skills and knowledge within YIT.

After working at YIT for a few months, Mirva and the client agreed that it was beneficial to deepen a trainees analytics knowhow in this area.

Soft skills as a natural part of the assignment

Just like all Crowd Collective consultants, Mirva is equipped with both high technical competence and soft skills that enable her to share knowledge, communicate efficiently with various stakeholders and make people around her grow. With that skillset, it became clear that it would be beneficial for all parties that Mirva would help out with the coaching.

“Coaching was not initially part of the project plan when I entered YIT. However, since knowledge sharing is close to heart for me, it was a no-brainer to help out when the opportunity arose. Specializing in a customer domain helps analysts to be more effective in solving problems and building relationships with stakeholders in their domain.”

Mirva started working close with a junior who got an opportunity to specialize her skills and knowledge in the customer analytics area. She ensured the junior were up to speed quickly. The junior worked together with Mirva in actual analytics projects. Being able to apply her skills efficiently and having tailored guidance, feedback and support from an experienced colleague made her efficient fast.

“I am happy that my skills came in use, not only from a technical perspective but also from an interpersonal point of view. Coaching has always been a passion of mine, and with the help from other Crowd Collective talent projects I knew that we could achieve independency for this colleague fast.”

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