The time to hire is now

Linköping, our second-largest office in Sweden, is focused on recruiting more colleagues to keep them on the right track towards success. Currently, there are 24 colleagues, and the goal is to reach 30 by the end of the year. Our recruiter in Linköping, Anna Johansson, is determined to fill these position with great people.

"Currently, we have amazing people on board in Linköping. At the same time, we need to continue growing to establish ourselves as a strategic partner for our clients. While we possess the necessary technical skills, we require more experienced colleagues to ensure we can find the right projects."

To join the Linköping office at this moment is, however cliché it might sound, a chance that will not come again.

“Creating value on exciting projects at our clients is of course one aspect of consultant life at Crowd Collective. And right now, our journey as a company is in a very exciting phase, which is the other aspect. The people that we are looking for right now will have a great influence both on our business but for us as a company as well. They will be invited and involved in the development of Crowd Collective as a company, and expected to speak their opinion. This is something that I think is unique for us at the Linköping market today.”

Soft skills are a must

Anna is not only looking for experience but also place great importance on soft skills for these positions. A business mindset, effective communication, and a drive to not only be involved but also take the lead in client dialogues are crucial. At Crowd Collective, a combination of soft and hard skills is essential, and higher expectations come with more experienced colleagues.

"I have high expectations for the consultants we aim to recruit. They need to be capable of engaging in high-level dialogues with clients, discussing projects, and making technical decisions. For the right person, this is a really interesting position to fill."

These skills are important for several reasons. To be the right partner for our clients, we need more consultants who can engage in discussions at a high technical level, handle complex technical architecture and team setups, maintain project and team efficiency and lead clients forward in the face of digitalization. These are the types of questions that consultants will face in their roles.

"Once again, our current employees are amazing. Partnering with even more experienced colleagues would be the perfect next step for us, ensuring that we can assist clients on multiple levels. And we expect these individuals to share their knowledge with the rest of us!"

Curious about what life at Crowd Collective could look like? Don't be a stranger! Give Anna a call at 073-6448565!