Tech recruiters: soft skills are the skills to hire right now!

Maiju Virta and Julia Beard, two of our tech recruiters at Crowd Collective, are extremely skilled in finding and recruiting the tech talent that everyone is looking for. That is because they focus on soft skills. Let us explain how this equation works.

Soft skills

Traits like communicational skills, emotional intelligence and ability to work in a team are what we call soft skills. Soft Skills are growing more and more important as the lack of [more senior] IT resources is making it harder for companies to invest in digital solutions.

“What companies and the IT industry desperately need right now are people who work with hands-on tech, and who are willing and capable of sharing that knowledge further to more junior colleagues.” - Maiju Virta, Recruiter @ Crowd Collective

Junior IT talents are huge contributors to any team, since most of them are eager to learn and explore new ways of working and have a high learning capacity. But to be able to utilize that drive, energy and passion you need to have a plan for introduction, mentorship and learning.

That is why soft skills are the skills to hire right now.

Soft skills bring a new layer of purpose to what we do

Our Crowd Collective consultants want to be a part of closing the IT skills gap. They share a passion towards utilizing IT juniors and helping them grow into talented and engaged colleagues.

Focusing on soft skills and mentorship, means focusing on growing long-lasting talent in addition to building great tech. That brings a new layer of purpose to what we do.

Why are developers interested in soft skills?

Working on soft skills means great future career opportunities. If one wishes to become a leader of any kind, having a solid track record of working as a mentor and developing your soft skills matters.

“We provide our consultants with a safe environment to grow and reach the next level of their careers. This means that you do not need to be a full-fledged leader to join us. We look for willingness to develop and potential to grow into a role that requires more than pure excellence in tech.” - Julia Beard, recruiter @ Crowd Collective

Our consultants are surrounded by people who share their growth mindset and a passion towards becoming not only better at tech, but also developing as a coach, mentor, and leader.

During our five years, we have gone from 0 to over 100 colleagues in Sweden and Finland. What we as recruiters have learned is that experienced IT talent still want to be great at their field of tech, but they also have a hunger towards expanding their scope and tackling bigger challenges.

Focusing on soft skills and growing into a mentor, a coach, and a leader feeds that hunger.