Get a team of developers, hire some of them – the Crowd Collective way

“Get a team of developers and hire some of them.” That is the Crowd Collective way in a nutshell.

It’s a great way to gain competitive advantage by expanding your in-house development team in a challenging recruitment market. Read on to find out, how we work.

We will help you form a team of developers, consisting of senior Crowd Collective IT consultants and junior IT talents, to work on your project.

When we reach the point where it’s time for our senior consultants to leave, you can hire the fully onboarded and engaged juniors in your in-house IT team.

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How does the Crowd Collective approach work?

Phase 1: Needs mapping

First, we need to understand what you are trying to achieve – both technically and functionally.

There are many ways to do this, but how it usually goes is, that one of our senior Crowd Collective consultants comes in to familiarize themselves with your technical environment and the competences involved.

Phase 2: Defining the team

The next thing is to define the competences your team needs – both short and the long-term. Our senior consultant will help you with this.

After that, we will bring in the junior team members. There are a few ways to go about acquiring junior talents:

  1. They could be IT juniors already working within your company.

  2. You can attract and hire the juniors yourself.

  3. We can find you the most potential juniors with the help of our sister company Academic Work.

Phase 3: Project execution

Now it’s time start the work. Senior consultants, who function as coaches, will on-board the junior talents while simultaneously working on their individual tasks. The senior consultants will take ownership of keeping the juniors’ learning curve steep by using various methods of coaching and mentorship, such as:

  • Setting a personal development plan and following up on that plan.

  • Coaching them into independent problem solving and taking on more challenging tasks.

  • Having consistency in code reviews, daily and weekly meetups, and overall support.

Phase 4: The handover

After a while there comes a time, when there’s less of a need for our senior consultants. The project has become sustainable without outside help, and the junior talents have been fully on-boarded into all the aspects of their job. The senior Crowd Collective consultants have fulfilled their task and they will move on after giving a thorough handover.

Congratulations! You now have new motivated and fully onboarded co-workers in your in-house IT team.

It’s an approach, not a “one-size-fits-all” -process

This article has given you a rough overview of how we at Crowd Collective support companies in growing in-house IT talent. It is by no means a detailed description of what goes into this sort of a project, as each project and product is different. There are also many variables that come with different teams and businesses.

The core of our approach is our highly skilled consultants. They have high technical competence and the soft skills required to assess what needs to be done and how.

Do you wish to hear more about how this approach could support your company in growing highly competed IT talent for the future? Contact us or read more about approach to growing IT competence.