Career Story

UX talent Mathilda calls The Design Crowd her home

Mathilda has grown her skills within the UX area over the last 4 years. Her favorite part of the job is the creative process and the possibility to create something visual and concrete from ideas and thoughts. As we know, the UX field is broad, and to be an expert in every part of the UX field is nearly impossible. To have a crowd of skilled colleagues has therefore been amazing from her perspective.

At Crowd Collective, we are organized in Crowds. For us, this means that we have a design crowd, and everyone who is interested and/or skilled within the field are joining in on meetings and discussions. Once a week we have what we call Design Fridays, a time for us to rubber duck problems, talk about trends, share articles and stories from our projects. It’s a great feeling to have multiple minds instead of just my own. I always feel seen, heard and listened to during our meetings.

And it’s not just the Design Fridays. The Design Crowd has worked on various projects together, where they have been able to get to know each other and the competence that the entire team possesses. They have been a part of our delivery towards Birds Relations (read more here!) and during the spring of 2022, they have designed our website together as a part of our rebranding (If this tickles your mind, read more here).

Our projects towards Birds Relations and our internal rebranding has been a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and our skills. The knowledge sharing is something that I can bring to my project at my client, and by that make sure that my team gets to share my Crowd Collective colleagues knowledge as well.

For Mathilda, having a crowd has not only given her more insights, skills and the ability to share more knowledge at her client project. It’s also an opportunity to meet colleagues and share energy on a daily basis. The life as a consultant might feel lonely if you switch projects often, but when you have your crowd, you always have a sense of belonging according to Mathilda.

When you switch context and project as a consultant, it’s always a period of getting to know new colleagues. So to have your own crowd and your “home” while still being able to meet new challenges is the best combination for me!

It’s no secret that Mathilda enjoys life at Crowd Collective. She says that it’s all about the people that spreads energy and a great vibe.

If you like sharing knowledge, feel supported and support others, have a sense of community and that amazing feeling that you are never alone - you should join us!